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Your Future Is Yours to Create, As Lengthy As You Have a Goal

Your Future Is Yours to Create, As Long As You Have a Purpose

Think about today as a new beginning. From today on let no one, not any circumstance and anything said to you, change how you feel, what you believe about yourself, or how you view your future potential. Your future is yours to create.

Now the challenge is going to be living this as a matter of practice. What is it going to take to be able to set an example for yourself to live a life unchallenged by events going on around you, especially when there are those who want to upset you, put you down, distract you, make you feel as if you do not possess the skills or talents necessary to succeed, or you find yourself faced with events that are just too overwhelming?

It is all a matter of anchoring your life with a sense of purpose. You have to remember that you are always free. While you may not be able to control what goes on around you, and the actions others may take in an attempt to dominate you, you control your life by what you think. There’s nothing more freeing than thinking and planning a new life. That’s what it means to have a sense of purpose. Perhaps what I’ve learned will help to inspire you as well to create a vision or plan.

A Life with a Vision

What it means to have a purpose in your life is to have a plan anchored by a vision. The plan doesn’t need to be complex, rather it can be your vision of how good life should and could be for you. It can start as a dream and blossom from that point forward. Whatever it is you decide to do, be creative about it, find methods of establishing visual cues that trigger happy thoughts and good feeling emotional cues. This is something you will call upon during challenging times.

As you dream, or create your future vision, don’t allow yourself to be restrained in any manner. You’ve heard about the sky being the limit. But have you considered how dreams can be unlimited? What if you imagine having no boundaries for whatever it is you want to accomplish now, and in the future? Now is the time to discover how freeing it can be to remove constraints, and set your imagination free. This is your life to create, one vision at a time.

Creating a Sense of Purpose

You can find freedom from any circumstance you may find yourself in, and it begins with the thoughts you develop. No matter how challenging a situation may be, you can always imagine an alternative. At any time, you can create a vision of a new outcome, and allow yourself to feel the emotions of experiencing it. Soon you’ll find a way for it to begin, as you make a plan for it. This is how you begin to create a sense of purpose. What follows are some other ideas for developing your own approach to creating your life of purpose.

Plan for Success: You may be in the best of circumstances life can offer, or next to the worst. It doesn’t matter when you are looking to the future. Just decide what it is you want, as to the best your life can and should be.

Understand What You Control: If you find you are in a situation now you wish you could change and are unable to do so, give up the need to control it. Instead, look ahead and envision something new. It’s time to change your focus.

Recognize Your Thought Patterns: What will set you back quicker than any other habit is old thought patterns that get in your way, such as thinking you are stuck and will not move forward. It’s time to recognize and discard those types of thought patterns.

Put the Past Behind You: What happened yesterday is gone and cannot be changed. Regret is never going to bring you the life you desire. If anything, count the past as lessons learned and move forward. Shift your attention to what’s ahead.

Open Your Mind to What’s Possible: If you’ve been a situation in which you’ve been put down, bullied, harassed, or in any other way been made to feel you have no chance of creating a better outcome, future, career, or anything similar, put that all behind you. You can look to the future and imagine becoming anything you desire.

See the Future Vision: Once you’ve decided you can dream, actually imagine yourself in this new vision. What do you see? Find photos and create your vision board for the future. Do anything that will give you visual prompts of what’s to come for you.

Experience the Future Vision: As you envision the new future, allow yourself to emotionally feel it, as if you were there now. Those feelings can inspire you in ways you’ve never imagined, to begin to take action. Now you have a purpose.

Today Begins Your Renewal

There’s no question: What you choose to focus upon matters for your well-being. For example, if you have a negative thought or idea, it can be cultivated into a worrisome state of mind. In contrast, you can also begin with an affirmative or positive idea, and cultivate it, allowing it to continue until you feel good. You are capable of thinking and feeling better. This is never dependent upon a current situation or set of circumstances.

As long as you can use the power of your mind, the thoughts you think, the creativity of your imagination, and your willingness to look ahead, you will set yourself free, and chart a course according to a new purpose you’ve developed. Once you do, you will never again imagine living a life without a purpose, as you will know how fulfilled you can be, at any moment in time. You need no one but yourself to feel good, and this is what true self-empowerment means. Let today mark the day you begin your renewal, by removing the restraints of doubt and fear, and allowing hope to become the dominate thought within your mind.

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Your Future Is Yours to Create, As Long As You Have a Purpose

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