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Why I Write Like An Addict

Why I Write Like An Addict

If you’ve followed me for any time, you’ll know I write a lot. Plenty of folk tell me they can’t believe I publish an article every day.

I write much more than that, though. This is simply what you can see now. Take a look on my website and you’ll see many books and products for download – all of which I wrote with my own fingers.

And I have writing projects outside of this.

All this is what I do in my spare time. It’s not a full time job – it’s a side gig.

So, yeah. I write a lot.

I write because I kind of have to.

When I started blogging, I struggled to write an article like this once or twice a week. I’d struggle to do that now, only because it’s such a low volume. Writing is an addiction for me now, a compulsion. Too long without it and I get twitchy.

But it’s not just writing. I could keep a journal and write for an audience of one. That wouldn’t be the same. Writing without publishing wouldn’t do it for me.

How come?

Because I’m scared.

I fear being overlooked and ignored.

I’m afraid of reaching the end of my life and not having much to show for it.

The thought of being unremarkable chills me to my bones.

When Hermione faced a boggart, she saw McGonagall telling her she failed all her subjects. I’m pretty sure mine would show me someone significant, someone I admire, telling me I’ll never amount to anything.

That’s why I write. It’s the same reason why I invest tens of thousands of dollars in my education.

Because I’m afraid of what happens if I don’t.

You might think I’m being strangely open here. That sharing my fears and weaknesses with the world, archived and accessible, isn’t a great idea.

To that I say, nonsense. Fears, maybe, but weaknesses? Hardly.

I leveraged my greatest insecurities into a tremendous asset.

Plenty of folk share these fears. Plenty of folk would also love to create more.

I took what I had and used it to get what I want. The fact it happened to be my fears is irrelevant. It was strong and I already owned it – to not use it would be wasteful.

The alternative?

Do what most folk do – let your fears paralyse you.

That doesn’t sound at all fun, but it’s an option – and a popular one at that.


You could dig deep, face your fears and make them your slave. Or, in this case, your muse.

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Why I Write Like An Addict

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