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Why are individuals offended with Chris Rock?

Why are people angry with Chris Rock?

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He made a joke about a bald person being bald. Yes she has alopecia. It’s not her fault. He’s a fucking comedian. Have you heard some of the shit Frankie Boyle has said?

From jadas reaction it’s clear she has ego problems. This is not a good trait. Saying she’s insecure and has no control over the fact she’s bald doesn’t really mean much to me. Lots of people are insecure about things they can’t change, me included. Own it!

When you have an insecurity you should work on your relationship with it. No one does this anymore. People just hope no one ever notices it and get offended when a joke is made. Chris didn’t call her ugly, or make a much worse joke about her fucking her son’s friend.

I actually can’t believe how sensitive people are these days. I’m young, I’m very accepting and empathetic but my god it was a harmless joke. Some people are calling it bullying? Have you ever been bullied before??? That’s not bullying. That’s comedy, from a comedian who was literally on stage getting paid to do comedy.

Honestly I hope more jokes are made at their expense, maybe they’ll finally deal with their fragile egos and insecurities.

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