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What’s the worst bed room encounter you’ve ever had?

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What is the worst bedroom encounter you’ve ever had?

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EDIT: these have been absolutely hilarious – thank you all for the laughs while I’m stuck in the house due to Storm Eunice (London innit). Have a good weekend!

EDIT: Ok… even though I’m not a dude, maybe I should share mine then.

Was sleeping with this guy for a while, we went out, got drunk, went back to his; I went to ride him but he was too close to one side of the bed— my leg slipped, I flew forward and knocked myself out on the bedside table.

Wasn’t out for long but he was trying to dress me in case he had to call an ambulance and the scene looked sketchy with a naked, unconscious woman in his bedroom. Luckily, no ambulance was needed and I was fine. Had a banging headache the next day for two reasons though.

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