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What Do I Actually, REALLY Need? Discover Your Ardour!

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What Do I Really, REALLY Want? Find Your Passion!

The problem is not that we do not have enough; it’s that we don’t enjoy what we have.”-Robert Holden

What do I want for me today? What do I want as a professional? What do I want in a relationship? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want for my business? What do I want? It is always the same question. Every day, the same question comes up. Each time we make any decision, the question comes to our mind, what do I want?

Our world is full of messages. These messages comes from the media, celebrities like singers and actors, politicians, your family, religious leaders, teachers and anyone who is in your social sphere. It is very important that we are aware and really understand what these messages are telling us. Sometimes we do something just because other people do and we want to look/be like them, or just because somebody that we appreciate or love tells us to do it.

Everything is never enough. We always want more and more, and most of the time it is more material things. We like to imitate other people. Sometimes we want to fill the emptiness we have in our life by buying new things. There is nothing wrong with going shopping; the thing is, do you really want to spend your money or do you want something else that you are afraid to realize?

How many times have you done something that you didn’t enjoy just to please somebody that you love? There is always an option, enjoy what you are doing or just don’t do it. What do you want for you? It is very important that you answer this question honestly. It is all between you and YOU, nobody else. Do you enjoy what you do? Are you happy with the decisions you make every day? The first step to be/get what you want is to KNOW what you want. We want a lot of things, but do we really, REALLY want them? If you visualize the result, of having those things, are you very happy then?

I found a very good exercise in the book, Be Happy by Robert Holden, that helps me to know what I really -REALLY- want. He calls the exercise, “The three envelopes”. The idea is that you are given three envelopes, each containing a question. You have 10 minutes to answer each question. In envelope 1, the question is: What do you want? In envelope 2, the question is: What do you really want? And in envelope 3, the question is: What do you really really want?”

It is a very good idea to answer the three questions right now. Robert says that the purpose of this exercise is to help you to be honest with yourself, to be clear about what really matters to you and invites you to reflect on your answers. How many are about “having,” “getting,” and “being”? And he invites you to appreciate how much of what you really, really want is already in your life.

I’m sure this exercise can help you in your personal life as well as in your professional life. If you know what you really want to BE, what makes you happy, what you enjoy doing, you will find the way and the opportunities to start to be YOU. If you know what you really want in a relationship, you will know what to do to get what makes you happy. If you have a business you can apply this and set your goals easily when you know what you really -REALLY- want.

It is very easy to go with the flow and do what other people are doing with their lives. It is very easy to survive and be just O.K. It is very easy to think that we will be happy someday, maybe next year or when you find your soul mate or when you retire. And it is very easy to be happy NOW, right now! Why not start today- what are you waiting for? Start by realizing what you really -REALLY- want! What you REALLY enjoy doing and being. See you in your happiness soon!

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What Do I Really, REALLY Want? Find Your Passion!

john hagee august 30 2016

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