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Verify Out the Fantastic and Enjoyable Calico Critters Townhouse!

Check Out the Wonderful and Fun Calico Critters Townhouse!

Calico Critters is one of the best, highest quality and most popular line of children’s toys out there. They make a lot of different engaging home-styled playsets, and offer a wide variety of different little animal families that you can play with in those sets. Their line of toys has been around and has been a favorite of young and old for a long time (over 20 years) and their success is likely to continue to grow for another 20 years! If you are new to the line, or if you have a playset but are looking for more great sets to get, than you should really check out the Calico Critters Townhouse. Featuring many different rooms and as many little details as you would expect from Calico Critters, the Townhouse is both a great introduction to the line and a great addition to the little Calico Critters world you’ve already begun to create for yourself!

So what’s so great about the Townhouse, and what can you expect from yours when you get it? For starters, the Townhouse is one of the most luxurious homes in the line, offering a really high class and enjoyable way to play house with your little critters. The whole house is created with a maximum number of details and little design flourishes that make it superior to many other playsets on the market. Your little home will come with four separate rooms, which should be more than enough room for your little family. However, if you are looking to add more members to the family or simply want to adjust the space to your exact liking, than you will be excited by the fact that the set comes with a cute little room divider- giving you the option of creating 5 rooms in your Townhouse!

This playset was designed from the bottom up to provide a maximum amount of space to play with your little critters in. The whole design and all the rooms are rounded and multi-level to ensure that you will never have a crowded place to play. You can make whatever rooms you want- from kitchens to make meals with your critters, to fun living rooms where they can all gather together and play, to bedrooms where your little family will sleep at the end of the day when you’re done. The Townhouse comes with plenty of space both for your little family, and for any guests that they might be entertaining!

Of course, the Townhouse also comes with a lot of different great features. For example, there are real working lights! All you or your child has to do is flip a little light switch to turn them on and off, just like in a real house! The whole building is built on a simple hinge that lets you either keep it open while playing with the indoors, or closes it when you are done for the day or ready to have your family play outside. There are few things you can’t do with this great playset!

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Check Out the Wonderful and Fun Calico Critters Townhouse!

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