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Trying Good By Dressing In accordance To Your Model Persona – A Case Examine

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Looking Good By Dressing According To Your Style Personality – A Case Study

In my last article, I shared with you a couple of items in Ms A’s wardrobe that is not suitable for her triangle body shape. Before I continue with this case study, let me briefly touch on the basic characteristics of this kind of body shape. You know you are a triangle if:

1) Your shoulders are more narrow than your hips
2) You wear a bigger size on your bottom half than top half
3) You have a smaller top half and fuller hips, bottom and thighs

The above are tell-tale signs that you are a triangle but it is always better to measure yourself with a measuring tape for the most accurate assessment, just like what I did for my client, Ms A.

There were a couple more items in Ms A’s wardrobe which I found to be a mismatch, not so much for her body shape, but more in regards to her style personality. As a style coach, I included in the style coaching™ process a style personality test to find out more about my client’s style preference. The test results revealed that Ms A falls mainly under the “Romantic” category and she also scores quite high under the “Creative” category. I thought the results were rather peculiar as many of Ms A’s apparels did not really match these two categories. I was also concerned because I believed that it was this lack of understanding about her own style personality that caused Ms A to be extremely unhappy about her own image. In short, Ms A had been dressing up in a way that was incongruent with her true style.

To address this issue, I drew Ms A’s attention to the items in her wardrobe which I believe to be a mismatch to her style personality. The items include:

1) Checked shirts
2) Dull and dark coloured outfits

Although I think that the young and trendy may be able to carry checked shirts better, I do not have anything against this kind of style for more mature ladies. In fact, when worn on a lady with a more sporty or carefree style personality, I think that the checked shirt can really help to exude the charm of the wearer, regardless of her age. In addition, tops with checked prints (and other types of prints as well) are likely to be suitable for the triangle body shape as such details will help to balance out the heavier bottom half.

Unfortunately though, Ms A did not look charming in her checked shirts; the style looks somewhat boxy on her and did nothing to bring out the beauty and femininity of her facial features and body curves. I highlighted my observation to Ms A and suggested that she can experiment with ruffles and frills on her apparels, as these are much more congruent with her “Romantic” style personality. Though doubtful initially, Ms A fell absolutely in love with details such as ruffles, frills, appliqués and ribbons after her first shopping trip with me. She was really excited to see how well these details complemented her look and most importantly, Ms A felt really comfortable and “in her own skin” in these new apparels.

Apart from introducing Ms A to the “Romantic” details on her apparels, I also suggested that she should experiment with bolder and richer colours. Ms A is rather fair and many colors are suitable for her skin tone. She was, however, unaware of that and preferred to stick to monochromatic and ‘safe’ colors such as black, dark grey and dark brown. Although such colors do not necessarily look bad on Ms A, they do at times made her look more mature and sombre than she really is. Upon my recommendations, Ms A decided to try out a wide range of new colors such as salmon pink, aqua green, teal and lavender. Matching different colours allowed Ms A to express the creative side of her style personality and she loves every minute of it!

Today, Ms A continues to wear interesting colours and makes conscious effort to pick out styles that are truly representative of her style personality. As her Style Coach, I am glad that Ms A is finally looking and feeling her best!

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Looking Good By Dressing According To Your Style Personality – A Case Study

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