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Trustworthy Advertising and marketing Strategies – Strategies For Promoting Merchandise On-line

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Honest Marketing Techniques – Methods For Selling Products Online

Honest Marketing Techniques are time proven techniques you can use to generate online income. In this series of articles you will find the information to decide which methods are right for you. This information may also help you sort the good advertisements from the bad if you decide to purchase someone’s program or membership. To choose a market, you have to understand the broad scope of online business. This article will kick off the series on methods for selling products online with an overview of the kinds of products you can sell online.

Generally, you can sell nearly anything online that you can sell anywhere else. However, you have to realize there is a huge difference between selling something and actually delivering it. There are some products that can be shipped, and some that must be delivered “in person.” Typically, most products fall into either Goods or Services, though there are some interesting overlapping products.


Goods are products that are usually thought of as physical. Hard goods include such things as cans of paint, televisions, or automobiles. Soft goods include such things as linens and clothing. Durable goods typically don’t get consumed. Food can sometimes fit in hard goods, with Meat and Produce prime exceptions.

Just about anything that is produced or manufactured can be classified as goods.

Historically, most goods were manufactured, warehoused, distributed and eventually sold to the end customer. With the advances in the internet, some goods can now be delivered digitally (downloaded). This has some particular advantages to the seller of digital products, which will be explored in a later article.


Services are typically not produced physically. Historically, services were provided “in person” as information or labor. When many people think about services, things like getting a haircut or massage come to mind. In the business realm, many consultants provide various types of services to improve the business or educate the business folk.

With advances in the internet the Services category has expanded greatly. Just about any service that can be delivered remotely (not in person) can now be handled online. Personal services can still be promoted, marketed or sold, but still need to be delivered locally.

Today’s Key Points:

  • You can probably Sell anything online, but some products may have delivery challenges.
  • Goods can be either physical or digital (downloadable).
  • Some services can also be delivered digitally, but some are more suited to a physical delivery method.
  • Each product type will require a different sales method.

As we move to the next article in this series, we will begin to explore the various methods of selling physical products online. Look for our next article “Honest Marketing Techniques – Methods For Selling Physical Products Online – Part 1”

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Honest Marketing Techniques – Methods For Selling Products Online

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