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Skyrocket Your On-line Enterprise Income in 5 Easy Steps – Beginning Now!

Skyrocket Your Online Business Profits in 5 Simple Steps – Starting Now!

Considering a new Internet directory appears on the landscape and almost daily the grass can always appear greener on the other side. Often you must take the time to assess over 1,500 directories to find the best ones and then choose about 100 or so and start submitting your URL to those directories. So, while you do that also follow the 5 steps and ways to increase online business profits:

Step 1 – Is the directory popular with the users?

Step 2 – Is it hospitable to the big search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! etc?

Step 3 – Does it have a good amount of recent cache of sub-pages and number of static text links?

Step 4 – What’s the quality of websites listed and Back links?

Step 5 – What’s the rankings for specific topics under each category in these Search Engines?

Here are some great solutions for increasing your online business profits, and how!

1. Make sure the article titles and descriptions are written with thought and include the targeted keyword phrases.

2. Research online to ensure your website gets accepted in only the most suitable category/categories.

3. Monitor the submissions, reviews and approval processes for each directory.

4. Find out the reason (s) for initial rejection; follow it up with necessary changes

Finally, there is one major difference between a permanent link and a text link ad and that is the profit you earn. And, the bottom line is that these links are permanent and help promote your web site and increase your income like not much else.

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Skyrocket Your Online Business Profits in 5 Simple Steps – Starting Now!

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