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Simply began making good cash for the primary time in my life. What are some “constructed to final” issues I ought to be sure I’ve?

Just started making good money for the first time in my life. What are some “built to last” things I should make sure I have?

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So long story short, I’m a 27m and my family never really had money, I moved to another city five years ago and I just got a job that pays close to six figures after graduating college(went back and got my degree ten years later, it’s never too late, folks) and the first place I interviewed for was my dream company and I got hired there.

I’m truly in shock and I’m still processing the fact that they believed in me and I’m earning so much money lol. Most of the things I bought were cheap items I got on Amazon (desk, coffee table, microwave, etc.) but now I’m looking at replacing these items with things that are a little more sturdy and of higher quality.

So my question to r/AskMen is: can you give me a list of things that I should make sure I have as an adult/things that I shouldn’t skimp out on?

Of course I’m not gonna splurge but rather purchase items over time(and pay off debt and save, of course) but I feel like there certain simple items, like a vacuum or a good electric razor, that I should make sure I’m getting something of high quality.

Many thanks, definitely looking forward to my quality of life improving for the first time 🙂

Edit: Got sooo many good responses, just starting the work day so I’ll be sporadically looking through them. Y’all are awesome, thank you!!

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