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Show Your Digital Picture Prints at a Revenue

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Display Your Digital Photo Prints at a Profit

Most professional photographers agree that their best form of advertising is a photographic print display at a bank, library or any place the public gathers. A key problem many professional photographers face, the cost of the digital photo prints for their display. Here are a couple of methods to get sample display prints at a profit.

Method 1. Include a letter or a personal note in the customers portrait delivery package. This letter states that their portrait would be just perfect for the next display you will be having. In the letter, express that the customer was very photogenic and how they just ‘Made’ the picture perfect. The sales person should act surprised when finding this letter in the portrait package. This will get the customers attention and they will be curious about the letter. In explaining the letter to them, talk about the display and how much fun it is when the family goes to see the print display. Sort of forget but remember just in time to mention to your customer that you will also give them five invitations for them to address and send to their friends announcing the display dates. All they have to do is OK the use of their print and place a small deposit on the print today to get things started. They can pay the balance when they pick up the print after the display. $25 works well for 16×20 size prints. This will cover most of your costs. When they pick up the print after the display you will collect any balance due. You could also offer them a frame at this time explaining that you have several used frames from the displays. Show the styles and ask which goes best with their home furnishings. Offer to use a brand new frame just for their picture if they would like to purchase it after the display. This way the customer gets a new frame at a used price. Get a deposit to cover your cost plus shipping of the frame. Even if they never pick up the frame, you have a sample for free.

Method 2. A letter could be sent to many of your past customers stating that they have been selected for many of the same reasons as the above display letter. Remember, all of these display ideas only work because the customer is made to feel good, special, important and needed. This appeals to their ego. The price of the print (assuming you are offering these at a discount) only helps keep the idea sold. You get them to go for the idea of being included in the display emotionally. They use the logic of this being a good value, a savings, to remain committed to the plan. This promotion works best when you only send it to some of your customers. When they start to check with their friends (this really works great with high school seniors) and find out they were ‘one of only a few selected,’ it makes them feel very special. Include a mail order form listing three display* sizes and their prices. Let them sign a model release and include their check or have a place for them to indicate their charge card information if you accept this type of payment. You should also include an addressed return envelope.

*Display sizes can be nearly any size you like, 11×14, 16×20, 20×24 or 20×30 prints. The display location might influence the size that is best or the subject composition might indicate that a couple of the sizes are more appropriate than the others.

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Display Your Digital Photo Prints at a Profit

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