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Residence Based mostly Enterprise – Are You Minimize Out to Be an Entrepreneur? – Take the Quiz

Home Based Business – Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur? – Take the Quiz

What type of energy do you have?

You find yourself working a short time, then want a vacation.

* You are always ready and have high energy.

* You enjoy focusing on your work and getting the job done.

When you think about your future, you realize that:

You get bored easily when things don’t go as planned.

* You are interested in making money now so you can retire in a comfortable manner.

* You set realistic goals for yourself.

How do you feel about hard work?

* Whatever it takes, you do it.

* People call you a hard worker.

You work hard only if you have to. You’d rather be fishing or doing something else.

Does your personality match your work style?

* You focus.

You don’t always finish projects that you start.

* You must see projects through to their completion.

When it comes to evaluating yourself:

* You enjoy setting goals in order to measure your success.

* Feedback is important to you.

* You welcome criticism if it is constructive.

Do you deal with the future by:

* Planning ahead carefully.

* Trying to think ahead.

You don’t have a care in the world.

How much business experience do you have?

* You are new to business.

* You have years of experience

How would you describe yourself?:

* You think of yourself as a coach.

You dislike responsibility.

* You are a team player.

How do you feel about your business (if you have one)? — Choose one:

* You look forward to each new day.

You can’t wait to earn fast money with your business.

* There are plenty of exciting businesses. The trick is focusing on one of them.

Are you able to handle changes?

* You can deal with change.

* You follow rules.

* You love being creative and finding your own solutions to any problems.

You have difficulty communicating to others when things change.

Not everyone is cut out for a home business. If you feel you are, make sure you choose a reputable business with good products. There are many ones out there that lack credibility so be choosy.

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Home Based Business – Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur? – Take the Quiz

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