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Regulation of Dominant Thought

Law of Dominant Thought

Earl Nightingale, the great writer, speaker, and broadcaster, discussed the Law of Dominant Thought in his timeless famous recording “The Strangest Secret” by calling it the key to success when he proclaimed, “we become what we think about.”

The problem that occurs with many people when they attempt to change their lives by changing their thinking patterns and fail is that they do not make what they are thinking about their dominant thoughts of the day.

You will not and should not expect the changes you desire in your life with thinking positive for just a few moments a day and spend the rest of the day thinking negatively.

Just as a runner who merely jogs a mile a day should not expect to be able to run a full twenty six mile marathon, the changes you seek in your life will not happen with a just a few minutes of positive thinking a day.

To get the changes you truly desire you must take full control and think positive with the anticipation of getting positive results all day long everyday till it becomes a habit.

Up to this point in your life it has been your thought patterns that has led you to your beliefs and it will be up to you to change those thought patterns and create new positive beliefs from this moment on that will lead you to where you wish to be in your future.

You must make your positive thoughts your dominant thoughts in all areas of your life. Only then will you start to see the changes you desire and the life you dream of.

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Law of Dominant Thought

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