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Proper now in Odesa, Ukraine.

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Right now in Odesa, Ukraine.

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I’m sitting here with my wife, waiting for full scale war to begin. We have no means to leave country and no where to go when shit hits the fan. And from this perspective every previous problems in my life now feel so… meaningless, it’s 2022 in Europe, but here it’s 31st of August 1939 here in Ukraine.

I’m not scared even anymore, I’m just tired of this waiting.

God help our soldiers, and curse those fashists.

Edit: 1) I do think of either fleeing with my wife and son (yes I didn’t note that i have a pre school kid) or taking them to safety , but kid greatly reduces mobility, and my wife still don’t want to flee right now (she believes in our army)

2) Thanks for rewards, and support, but i honestly, Reddit carma is on the bottom list of stuff i care.

3) it’s 2:31 am here, and i have to try to catch some sleep.

4) i never thought, but warm words kinda helped me, thank you all, you are the best.

5) Слава Україні! Я вірю в хлопців на фронті.

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