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Plus Measurement Attire – The 5 Feminine Physique Shapes and Selecting Your Model

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Plus Size Dresses – The 5 Female Body Shapes and Choosing Your Style

You are out shopping for plus size dresses. You spot one that is really cute but, you are not so sure it is the right look for you. Will my butt look big in this? You ask yourself. Should I wear a solid or patterned dress? The answers to these questions and more will come quick if you know what you’re body shape is, and what styles flatter your shape.

If you do not know what your body shape is here is a comprehensive guide to distinguishing between the five female body shapes. Your shape depends on your dimensions all around. A Plus size woman and a thin woman can both be considered to have an apple figure.

1. The Apple Shape – An undefined waist and large stomach, basically round in your mid section. Within the apple shape are two categories, oval and diamond. An oval shaped woman has a larger lower stomach, while the diamond shaped woman’s stomach is positioned high.

2. The Banana Shape – Your breasts and hips are about equal in size and you have an undefined waist. This is also considered to be a rectangle shape.

3. The Heart Shape – Your breasts are three or more inches larger than your hips and you have a heart shape. This is also considered to be a inverted triangle shape.

4. The Hourglass Shape – Your breast and hip measurements are about equal and your waist is narrow.

5. The Pair Shape – Your hips measure at least two inches more than your breasts and you have a well defined waist.

There you have 5 female female body shapes. You now have a guide for choosing your plus size dresses. Which is your shape? What’s your style?

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Plus Size Dresses – The 5 Female Body Shapes and Choosing Your Style

john hagee august 30 2016

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