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Passionata Passio Boudoir – Magnificence and Utility Blended Collectively

Passionata Passio Boudoir – Beauty and Utility Blended Together

Passionata offers numerous collections to give fashion shoppers a choice from fun to fabulous. A design may emphasize frolic to match your joyous mood. Or, it might focus on vintage to appeal to your sense of sexy nostalgia. Sleek, sheer, sophistication might be the theme of yet another. And of course, there are crossover designs that combine elements of each.

The Passionata Passio Boudoir Collection might just defy classification. Sexy? Sure. Sleek? Is it ever. Have some fun just spending time reviewing the different designs. Let that indefinable something lure you into loving all these models. Chic and sophisticated bras, thongs, and strings possess qualities that make them difficult to categorize. But there’s one thing everyone can agree on: they’re beautiful.

Need proof? Gaze upon the Passio Boudoir thong, modest in design, daring in result. Made from stretch satin jersey of 82% Viscose, 12% Polyamide, and 6% Elastane, comfort is the call of the day with this model. Yet, the satin bow at each hip gives it a perfect touch of delicate loveliness.

Bold piping provides a nice contrast to that delicacy. The delicate spot mesh brings in one more contrast. Now take a step back and view the whole. This design is far from contradictory. It’s a seamless blend of fun and sexy.

Consider the alternate design, a brief, that features similar colors and motifs. It sports the same hip bows and then introduces new elements. Mesh side frills are a genuine delight. Wide picot trim offers just the right touch of chic. The full coverage on the rear is ultra comfortable and creates a nice contrast with the black elements.

You can match that thong with the Passio Boudoir Padded Half Cup Bra. Many of the same stylistic elements are used, of course: the two-tone pink-and-black contrast, a delicate lace along the cleavage, the mesh covering the cups, and more. But there’s more to matching another piece of lingerie than simply copying colors. The entire piece has to have the same stylistic elements. This half cup delivers for a seamless look top and bottom.

There’s more than one way to go with that, of course. The Passio Boudoir Plunge Underwire is another piece in the Passio Boudoir collection that uses those same elements to work in tandem with its sisters. The underwire is covered by that same delicate pink and continues onto the backstrap. Crenelated black trim creates a lovely ‘castle wall’ look.

But it’s unquestionably the cups that do the major lifting in this design, in both senses of the word. They offer full support, naturally. Two slender straps complete the ‘engineering’ while looking lovely themselves. But a plunge wouldn’t be a plunge without that gorgeous V-shape at the cleavage. In this case, the lace simply turns a functional element into a work of lingerie art.

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Passionata Passio Boudoir – Beauty and Utility Blended Together

john hagee august 30 2016

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