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On-line Giveaways – Spend a Little, Earn a Lot

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Online Giveaways – Spend a Little, Earn a Lot

Will online giveaways help you to generate traffics? Will online giveaways help you to gain popularity and being recognized as an expert in your niche market? Will online giveaways help you to build your own list of customers? The answers are “Absolutely yes!”.

Giveaways will certainly help you to make money online. Giving away freebies is a strategy used by internet marketers. It is a proven success strategy. The strategy is to give away freebies and to generate traffic to your website or to build your customers list. You will get quality traffics to your website if you employ this strategy correctly. You will also be able to get more potential customers.

Give away a free eBook
You can give away a free Ebook. You do not need to spend a lot to create an Ebook. You could even outsource it to a professional online writer, i.e. ghostwriter.

Your giveaways must be interesting. It should not be boring. The readers should find your giveaways resourceful and valuable. They should be able to learn something new or gain some knowledge from it. Your giveaways must be able to entice the readers to read on. This will give your readers a perceived value of your giveaways.

Ask yourself this question, “will my readers willing to buy it if it is for sale?” and “do you think your readers will share it with his friends?”. If the answers are “yes” then it has a high perceived value even though it is a free giveaway.

Allow the readers to brand the free eBook with their name and URL. By doing so, the readers will be able to personalize the giveaway with his details, for example their names and email addresses. This will encourage them to share it with the others.

You will achieve great results by doing so and this will certainly help you to earn more money online.

Give away free knowledge through article writing
You can also give away free knowledge. You surely have the knowledge which others would want to know. Share your valuable knowledge with the world. Write an article about it and submit the articles to the article directories. However, remember to place your website address or URL at the resource box. You could also consider to post it on forums as well. This will help to make your presence felt.

Giveaways to your existing subscribers
If you have existing list of subscribers who find value to be in your list, why not leverage on them to refer their friends to your list? All you have to do is give away some “freebies” as sweeteners. You could give away, for example Ebook, audio course, Ereport, etc. as a token of appreciation for them to refer their friends to your list. Now, all you have to do is start asking and be willing to share the giveaways with your list of existing customers.

By utilizing the above strategies you will not just make your presence felt in your niche market, but you will also be able to build your list. Do you need to spend a lot on these giveaways? No. Will you be able to earn more money online by doing so? Yes! You will start to earn money online by increasing the list of potential niche customers. Remember, people tend to buy from someone they trust, someone they recognize as an expert in a particular area. Do it now and this will help you to speed up earning money online. You will certainly earn a lot by employing such strategies.

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Online Giveaways – Spend a Little, Earn a Lot

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