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Occasions and the Show Boards

Events and the Display Boards

Are you planning you organize a college fest or a food fest or an exhibition? Whatever it may be, for sure it needs more than just your hard work and that is your selling skills. You must be struggling hard for the arrangements starting from tickets to preparing notice boards or pamphlets. Yes of course, it’s a great feeling to organize an event in the college but it requires a lot of zest and energy. The most tiresome and jittery is convincing sponsors and getting maximum people at the event. When these two things are dealt with, rest is smooth to handle. But these biggest challenges take most of your time and you hardly are left with any time for the preparations.

First challenge: Getting Sponsors: You might have wonderful ideas and to turn them into reality you need money and hence sponsors. But one would ask why anyone would sponsor one’s event. Well, don’t get jittery, there is no dearth of people and companies looking for events to sponsor. Here are some tips that can help getting a sponsor:

  • Prepare a fact sheet detailing the important information about your college and the event.
  • Always go have the calculations ready i.e. Know how much funding you need. And plan a budget for the event.
  • Prepare a proposal to outline what the benefits are for the company if it sponsors your event. It must be attractive to sponsors.
  • Create sponsorship levels such as Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver etc.

Once the sponsors are ready to shell-out money, your half-job is ready. But don’t forget the second challenge: getting maximum footfall. Selling never comes easy and quick. One has to put in sincere efforts and not just hard but smart work. The mantra is: advertise the event and the sponsor companies. Here are some tips to attract people:

  • Use the money effectively and keep good amount for advertising. Get customized pamphlets printed with sponsors name and logo printed along.
  • Get huge pop-up display banners and use attractive visuals on it. Fix it in the most happening areas in the university campus.
  • Distribute your pamphlets to all colleges and if possible, to individual students. Keep your leaflets in cafeterias of colleges.
  • Use attractive lights on the pop-up banners (but don’t outrun your budget) to give a cutting-edge. Usually pop up displays come with ready header lights and that can be a good option. pop up display
  • Eye-catching and relevant visuals can make all the difference. Also get some customized booths for publicity and you can keep volunteers there to register the names of the participants.
  • Go to various colleges and invite them personally. Take permission and fix your advertising material on their notice boards.
  • Last but not the least, keep paid entry system to make up the expenditure!

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Events and the Display Boards

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