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My husband peed on my wedding ceremony costume the evening of our wedding ceremony.

My husband peed on my wedding dress the night of our wedding.

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I still have no idea wtf is going on in his head to think that this was “nothing” or “no big deal”, He literally peed on my wedding dress the night of our wedding, INSIDE the hotel room. I yelled at him WTF constantly and he nonchantly said that he was just “marking his territory” and went on about how he’s been wanting to do this when he gets married and that he didn’t tell me because he was positively 100% sure I’d get mad at him but he said it’s worth it since he got to do it. I couldn’t believe it but he assured me that pee washes off easily and I shouldn’t worry but I was just so mad and disgusted vy what he’s done. He acted like nothing happened and was actually expecting sex but I told him off. I just can’t get rid of the awful feeling and sight, I couldn’t even sleep in the bed with him after that.

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