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Make Your Dream Come True With out Cash

Make Your Dream Come True Without Money

Can you think of a better way to get from where you currently are in your life to the center of your greatest Dream, without having to spend any money? Raising your standards is the next rung on your ladder.

Once you mentally raise your vision as high as you can imagine, you will begin to attract the resources you need through ideas, inspiration, other people recognizing your abilities, all kinds of ways that will delight and surprise you. Allow yourself to settle in to a higher ideal for yourself. Imagine yourself free from what is holding you back. Are you afraid, broke, addicted to something – or someone? How would it feel, what would it look like if you were free from all the excuses. Put the possibility of something grand and wonderful you want to achieve in your imagination.

In other words, imagine something that is in alignment with a higher standard you have set for yourself.

Imagine it as if it could come true. Then follow this 4-step process:

1. You must have a vision so compelling that it will pull you forward with enthusiasm, even with the added punch of nervousness and just a little hint of uncertainty and ‘if only I could…” attached to it.

2. You need a very strong reason to keep going when you want to revert back to old habits and patterns of thinking and behaving. Make your reason “why” so great it will take you beyond fear and anxiety and onward to excitement and belief – it is possible for you.

3. Feel the love of it, the deep longing and emotion for your Dream every day. Keep returning to it in your mind – there are so many opportunities each day to practice feeling the desire deeply, when you’re standing in line, waiting at a red light – for you to review your greatest Dream.

4. Keep a journal – write down the little signs along the way that you ‘resonate’ with. You just know when something is meant for you. Keep an evidence journal and you’ll receive even more ‘signs’ that your Dream is moving closer. This will fuel your intention and determination.

This is how successful people make their Dreams come true.As you raise your standards to a level where you are able to align yourself with your loftiest Dream, you will find it very helpful to break your action steps into bite-sized pieces. Appreciate daily victory over the tiny, incremental steps along the way. You will discover yourself in spontaneous moments of enthusiasm and a desire to respond to an idea at once. Inspiration may ‘strike’ and you’ll feel compelled to act. Remember how the turtle beat the rabbit and won the race? By taking small consistent steps. The turtle didn’t look back, and she didn’t look to either side to check on her competition. She stayed focused on her very important task – getting to the finish line.

You don’t have to get there first. You don’t have to be the fastest. Just be the best you can be. Focus on what you can do each moment of each day and you will find joy, gratification and the reward of progress. The satisfaction you feel from making progress will be a reward in itself.

It’s your turn, it’s your time. Don’t let lack of money stop you or hold you back. It costs nothing to sit back and dream, with the intention that you believe your Dream is possible. Keep your belief strong inside of yourself. Now go have fun, finish your race and make your greatest Dream your new reality.

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Make Your Dream Come True Without Money

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