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In case your kidnapper was forcing you to jot down a “I am okay i ran away” letter, how are you going to talk duress with out the kidnapper figuring out?

If your kidnapper was forcing you to write a “I’m okay i ran away” letter, how can you communicate duress without the kidnapper knowing?

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I remember listening to a true crime podcast about a girl that was kidnapped, the police were looking for her.

After she stayed in the news for a while the kidnapper made her write a letter which he would send to her home, she ended up pushing her fingernail into one of the words in attempt to communicate duress for the investigators. But before it could be mailed, the kidnapper saw what she did and tortured her, making her rewrite the letter while looking over her shoulder.

Handwriting experts weren’t able to deduce duress from the letter the kidnapper sent, and no one was sure if she was being held against her will or not. So how could one communicate duress secretly in a letter like that? I was thinking, maybe pressing the pencil down a little harder at the end of the letters h-e-l-p, just enough for investigators to notice if they very closely analyzed the letter. But Idk that sounds too obvious. What would you do?

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