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I am searching for the worst doable strategies for the subsequent James Bond?

I’m looking for the worst possible suggestions for the next James Bond?

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I have an uncle who absolutely loves James bond. He takes the “next James Bond” debate very seriously.

He was deeply upset when Daniel Craig was cast because he was blonde and “Didn’t fit the character”.

The stories about a “female 007” sent him into a rage. He insists it needs to be a smooth talking British man with dark hair of a particular age.

Naturally, I absolutely love trolling him with suggestions I know he’ll object to.

So far the ones which have really got to him were

Danny Dyer – I argued would be great because he’s a cockney “hardman”

David Walliams – Tall, smooth, in great shape.

Louie Spense – could do the acrobatic scenes without a stuntman, and woo the bond girls with his dance moves. Maybe even change the Martini to a cosmopolitan.

I wanted some suggestions of who else to throw into the suggestion and arguments I can make to him for why they’d be great.

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