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How Dancing Will Seize Ladies’s Consideration

How Dancing Will Grab Women’s Attention

The first thing I am going to say to you guys is, you HAVE to DANCE. A man dancing is like an ape beating his chest, it’s a sexual signal saying “I’m confident, I’m proud, and I’m ready to mate.” The thing is, women LOVE guys who can dance! It’s something about the guy’s fun character and energy that attracts them, and it should be used to our advantage.

Now, if you are UNSURE about your dancing, then sit the heck back down on your computer chair and READ THIS. It is certainly NOT enough to simply waltz onto the dance floor and dance like a stiff mummy. You are going to need STYLE, you are going to need ENERGY, you are going to need CONFIDENCE, and you are going to need CHARISMA.

Let me ask you gentleman something, why are you so afraid to dance? If it’s because you don’t know how to, then I will have to tell you to shut up. Bro’s, there is no “real way” to learning how to dance. Dancing is a ritual to release a person’s inner energy and individuality in a sexual way. There is no “rules”. YOU define how YOU dance. Dancing is supposed to be FUN, so go out there and toss and turn like it’s your last day on earth!

Women are attracted to men who can dance because they view them as guys who “don’t care what people think.” You are going to have to start developing this mindset, this “confidence”, this “I’M GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST “attitude. WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE THINKS! You live life once, so live it on YOUR ACCOUNT! I used to be like you guys, hesitant to hit the dance floor. Then one day I just said to myself, WHO CARES! Now I dance at every party I attend, and let me tell you, I rip up that dance floor like its no tomorrow. Yes there are the odd few who laugh at me, but it’s usually only the guys who don’t have the guts to join me. There are MANY who admire my courage to attract the entire party’s attention on my dancing.

Listen guys, girls don’t care if you’re a bad dancer, as long as YOU are having FUN. IF you’re struttin’ your stuff with a smile on your face and your actually having a great time, they will be DRAWN to you. I don’t want you guys to get in the habit that most guys do when they dance, and that’s move from side to side, until they clamp “pelvis first” onto a girls butt like freakin’ leech. Don’t start dancing with the mindset that you NEED a partner to make yourself look less stupid, but rather invent your own dance moves and lead the entire floor of dancers yourself!

Dance with your feet, twist with your hips, shift with your legs, swift across the dance floor with charisma, and light it up with ENERGY! This is YOUR life, this is YOUR party, this is YOUR dance floor, this is YOUR moment!

Personally, I feel like a dance like a handicapped monkey. I move across the floor like both my legs were just stabbed, my arms flailing like a freakin’ orangutan, and my body jerking like I seriously need medical help, and the girls freaking LOVE IT. They absolutely LOVE my dancing, because I go out there and I have the best time of my life.

I truly do not believe that you need to learn how to dance. There is no set of restrictions, dance to your own pleasure, and if the guys are laughing, then at least your living life to the fullest. If the girls are disgusted, well, then they are simply BORING, and aren’t worth it.

The power and magical gravitational pull of “dancing” my friends, USE IT!

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How Dancing Will Grab Women’s Attention


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