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Giveaways – Checklist Constructing When You Have No Checklist to Begin With

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Giveaways – List Building When You Have No List to Start With

Okay so let’s talk about ways to get traffic to JV giveaway sites when you haven’t got a list to start with.

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other networking site, tell all your friends or followers about the best giveaways to join.  These are all types of lists in their own right.

You can tell your friends and family about the giveaway sites, especially if they are new to the internet and want to learn ways to make money from the internet.  They can pick up loads of free resources and ideas from giveaway sites.

You could start a blog, and blog about the benefits of giveaways and provide links to the latest giveaway sites. 

You can also write articles about the giveaways and why people should partake in them, also you could consider writing brief press releases about interesting up and coming giveaways.  These can be submitted to article directories and press release distribution sites respectively.

All the content that you do create can be socially bookmarked, so that your contributor links start to appear all over the internet, and you will get lot of sign ups underneath you. let you social bookmark multiple sites in one go, and it’s free.

Note before you start creating content, you should do some keyword research to find some good competitive terms that people are searching the net for.  I like to use the Google External Keyword tool for this purpose.  This way when you do submit to article directories, press release distribution sites and social bookmark sites, you will gain numerous links for your chosen keywords and people will easily find the links you promote.

Something that I have not seen anyone do, and am considering myself, is to offer incentives for people to sign up under your contributor link.  Something like a free MP3, additional eBook, interview etc.  You’ll get plenty of freebies from the actual giveaways themselves, to match the number of giveaways that there are.

Lastly, there is always the upgrade option on the giveaways, this will give you the necessary boost up the rankings with your free gifts and enable you to concentrate on building a list of your own.

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Giveaways – List Building When You Have No List to Start With

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