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Getting Your Home Able to Promote – 6 Steps to Take Now

Getting Your House Ready to Sell – 6 Steps to Take Now

Whether you are putting your house on the market next week or next year, you will get a better price if you get your house ready to sell. Here are six crucial steps to take now.

1. Declutter

Go through your house, room by room, and get rid of clutter. Give it away, throw it away, or pack it away in a storage unit. This will make your house look bigger, and you will have less you have to move to your new home.

2. Increase the curb appeal

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Paint the front door. Polish the hardware. Increase the lighting. Make your house numbers stand out. Pick up toys and trash. Eliminate weeds and add flowers or greenery.

3. Depersonalize

Store family pictures, artwork, room decor, and treasures that make your place uniquely yours. If you have the time, paint the walls a neutral color. Give prospective buyers a blank canvas and let them be able to imagine their belongings in this space instead.

4. Clean

Vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, and mop floors. Wash windows to let in more natural light. Prospective buyers who see dirt and grime believe other maintenance has been neglected, and they equate this with costly repairs in the future.

5. Make repairs

Take the time or hire help to make all those minor repairs you have been putting off. If you don’t fix it now, it may end up on the home inspection report. Your buyer will then have cause to offer less money, request compensation for repairs, or cancel the agreement.

6. Make your house move-in ready

Do the work or have the records to prove the air conditioner, the furnace, and other major appliances have been maintained on a regular schedule. Tend to the lawn and your outdoor spaces, too. Let prospective buyers imagine relaxing on the deck instead of fixing or sprucing things up.

Once you get rid of clutter, boost curb appeal, add fresh paint, clean thoroughly, make needed repairs, and finish regular maintenance, you may not want to move because your home looks fantastic. However, you are ready to contact a realtor and put your house up for sale.

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Getting Your House Ready to Sell – 6 Steps to Take Now

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