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Get Him Again – Tips on how to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Again Even If You Kicked Him to the Curb

Get Him Back – How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Even If You Kicked Him to the Curb

So you were in a relationship with a guy maybe for a week or maybe for even a year and then you discovered something that really, really bothered you or plucked your nerves. It may have been something big or it could’ve been something very, very minute. Either way you gave up on him and felt that you could not take it anymore.

So what did you do you broke up with him because you felt ending the relationship was the best thing to do. Without even trying to resolve or even talking to your ex boyfriend about the underlying issues that were troubling you, you just broke up with boyfriend!

He probably didn’t even see it coming. Just like that it was over. He was left clueless to the real reason why you left you and now he doesn’t even want to be bothered with you. But now you realize that things were not as bad as you thought they were, you made a terrible mistake and you want to get them back.

Could this have been avoided? Probably so but you couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe you come from different backgrounds and everything he does just seem trifling to you. It could’ve been the way he ate his food with his fingers, or him constantly leaving the toilet up.

Maybe you didn’t like the way he left hair in the sink after he shaved, or the way he constantly keeps leaving his dirty clothes that only you can see on the floor, even though he constantly keeps walking over them. Maybe he not spending enough time with you or maybe he is constantly at work trying to provide for you and his family.

Whatever the case may have been, maybe he never caught on to the hints that you keep on throwing to him and despite his ways you realize that deep down he is really a great person. But now you want to get him back and the only thing is, he wants nothing to do with you and everything that you have tried so far has only made him more distant. He’s not even picking up the phone anymore.

I am sure you have tried many things to get your ex boyfriend back, but what you should be doing it the complete opposite. The best thing you can do right now is to leave your ex boyfriend alone if you want to get him back. That’s right… cut of all communication from you ex boyfriend. The problem is that your ex-boyfriend feels embarrassed, humiliated and maybe downright enraged because you broke up with him over such a little thing in his eyes.

Sometimes guys do not always see thing for what they really are. But despite the situation or circumstances us guys have feelings too and when someone you love tells you that they have a problem with you or constantly nag them over things no matter how big or small it hurts, especially when a guy knows he’s wrong. Regardless if he admits it or not.

If this is the case and you have been calling your ex boyfriend constantly and he has been ignoring your phone calls then that is a clear indication that he needs his time to think about the relationship. Give him his time to get a clear head and realize his own faults and what he could have done and couldn’t on his own. It’s the only way he will get it. Arguing over what he should’ve and shouldn’t have will never get him back. Trust me it only make things worse.

Regardless if you understand your own faults it is important that you give your ex boyfriend his space. Despite if you think that he needs it or not you need to do so. If you don’t you will only make the situation worse and appear to be clingy, desperate, obsessed and needy to him. Furthermore pushing him away, no one wants to be with a controlling or obsessed person. Do You!

If you want to get him back, you must give him his space. Do not send him text messages begging for a second chance or I love you messages. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending them via e-mail, text messages, MySpace, instant messaging, or even showing up his house. Just give him time to think about the relationship and give him time to miss you and the qualities that made him fall for you in the first place.

This will also give them time to figure out why you broke up with him and if he truly cares for you he will make the necessary changes to make things right. If you don’t give him his space he will never have to time to think about the relationship and you will only push them farther and farther away. Your ex boyfriend wants the person that he first fell in love with not the person you have become. Let me say it again, your ex boyfriend wants the person that he first fell in love with and not the person you have become.

Many girls will break up with their boyfriend just to see if they will try and get them back, it’s like a power trip. If this is what you did then you are treading on dangerous waters. You see when you do this you’re playing with a man’s emotions, and emotions are not to be played with. If this is what you did you need to figure out why you really want to get back with her ex. Do you really care for him because a person who truly loves their boyfriend would not put them though such pain and agony to test their love.

In many cases people who try to do things just to see how strong the relationship is have self-esteem issues. These issues need to be worked out before you even try to get him back. If this is you and you feel that you’re not good enough for your boyfriend then you’ll need to work on your self-esteem issues if you want to get him back.

Mind games only make things more complicated and will ultimately push your ex further and further away. So while you and your ex boyfriend are broken up, it is a good time to make the necessary changes and address any issues that you can fix within your self.

Despite that many issues you may have your boyfriend sometimes you may need to look at yourself first. No boyfriend wants to be with someone who they feel is picky and high maintenance. If you get your ex back then be sure that you really want him so that you will not put the person that you love in such pain and agony.

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Get Him Back – How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Even If You Kicked Him to the Curb

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