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For guys: if I (a feminine) had been to stroll as much as you on the sidewalk and faux to know you and chat with you, how would you react?

For guys: if I (a female) were to walk up to you on the sidewalk and pretend to know you and chat with you, how would you react?

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For context, I live in a not-so-great city but have to walk home at night all the time, and sometimes I don’t feel safe. I want to go up to an unassuming guy and do the whole “oh my god Matt there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you!” but I feel that a guy would either not get it or I’d be too uneasy that he is another person to fear to even go through with it. I ask specifically for guys just because there is a notable paucity of women walking around at night (I wonder why) and so a guy would likely be my only option for support. If a woman went up to you in this manner, would you be able to catch on that they were feeling unsafe or being followed?


I feel the need to add that I am on the autism spectrum, which personally means I am already hyper-vigilant and wary of all people, so it spikes my anxiety to ask someone for help to a near equal amount as being followed. Sounds stupid, but my brain is wired differently so it helps to hear from you all that I shouldn’t veil my plight with a fake scenario and just be forthright instead.

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