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Find out how to Discuss Soiled: 20 Soiled Discuss Examples to Make You Blush

How to Talk Dirty: 20 Dirty Talk Examples to Make You Blush

‘You taste so good’
‘I want you inside me now, baby’

These are some of the most common dirty talk phrases you may have heard of, but there are a lot more that you can use to improve your sex life and make every experience different and memorable. Dirty words are supposed to be powerful and seductive at times and sometimes subtle and smooth – whatever your mood. For me, talking dirty is a very important part of sex – if you have not tried then you may not know what you’re missing. Here is a list of some of my favorite dirty talk examples.

20 Examples of Dirty Talk Phrases:
1. C’mon baby, show me what you can do
2. Do you like it when I touch you here?
3. Lie back and close your mouth, I’m going to rock you till you die.
4. Kiss me, touch me there, lick every inch of my skin, I feel I’m in heaven.
5. I want you to ride me now!
6. I am your slave, master, whatever you say goes. What do you want, what should I do?
7. I just love the feel of your fingers on my skin. Pass them gently over my tummy I love it.
8. Do you want me to squeeze my boobs as you watch baby?
9. That juice belongs to me honey, I want it in my mouth and all over my face, bring it baby.
10. Your kisses drive me crazy – I can’t get enough of them, is that all you can give love?
11. Where do you want to do me honey? Can you handle me? Show it!
12. I always get what I want and right now I want you to do me faster.
13. Yes baby, bring it on, give it to me.
14. Grab my hair and pull my head back baby.
15. Ride me like a horse, I love it when you do that.
16. I’m so wet for you, go down on me and lick me
17. Yes, like that. I love it, don’t stop.
18. Spank me baby, show me who the boss is.
19. Be passionate baby, I want you all over me.
20. Oh yes! I just like that.

Talking dirty in bed is not all about blurting out the all the filthy words you can think of. You and your man need to be comfortable at first, and ass free with each other as you can get. I would recommend that you find a professionally written guide that will act as your personal trainer from the initial stages of learning to talk dirty to the point you perfect dirty talking as a way to enhance your sex life. There are lots of them out there but the best is one that starts from the basics and comes with a lot more examples of sexual expressions, dirty talk terms, sex slang, synonyms, quotes and vulgar speech among others.

Talking dirty to your man is a wonderful form of sex play but there are a lot more things to keep in mind to have a wonderful experience.

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How to Talk Dirty: 20 Dirty Talk Examples to Make You Blush

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