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Excessive Tech Laundry

High Tech Laundry

High Tech Laundry facilities are cropping up all over America, making old coin-operated laundry rooms a thing of the past. Slowly but surely this trend is taking over the laundry rooms from California to New York. Why? Because coin-less systems mean less crime.

Coinless laundry machines don’t accept coin currency. They are part of a system that uses keycards to activate their washers and dryers. Those keycards acts like prepaid phone cards and are used like credit cards. All the card owner needs to do is swipe the card to start the machine, after putting money on the card of course. Then the machine works like normal.

No “real” money goes into the machines. That means that burglars won’t try to break in. Why would a thief break in to a location that doesn’t have merchandise or monetary value? He wouldn’t. Therefore, high tech laundry rooms stay safe and clean, and families don’t have to worry about laundry day.

However, the machines do more than just accept cards instead of coins. They are hooked up to an online system that can call you or email you when your laundry is done and ready to be picked up. They can also alert you when a dryer is free. This way you don’t waste trips to the Laundromat checking for vacant machines and dry laundry.

Yes, from old folks homes to apartment laundry service rooms, high tech laundry machines are going in everywhere. With less crime and more high tech service, laundry day just became a whole lot easier.

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High Tech Laundry


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