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Excessive Makeover Ideas for Feminine Attorneys

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Extreme Makeover Tips for Female Attorneys


This article explains why female attorneys might need an extreme makeover. It also tells you how such a makeover can improve your professional image.


Female attorneys face greater wardrobe challenges than their male counterparts. This is because there are more fashion options for women and a correspondingly greater chance for making style mistakes. For this reason, you may wish to use an image consultant to find out how an extreme makeover can help you project an appropriate professional image.

Thinking about your image, and seeking an extreme makeover, can give you a decided advantage, especially if you work with an experienced image consultant. He can show you how to alter your hairstyle, wardrobe, and footwear for the right professional look.


An extreme makeover will show you why neat hair is more important than anything else in your overall look. Another secret an image consultant will share is that your colleagues are not the ones to imitate when attempting to be successful. You must, instead, dress better than your colleagues.

Another secret unknown to most female attorneys is that light-colored shoes are wrong. Even if you’re wearing a light-colored outfit, your shoes should be dark. Your credibility will be undermined if they are not.

Yet another secret is that your pen, wristwatch, and earrings are all factors that impact your professional image. Never use a cheap pen, never wear a gaudy wristwatch, and never wear earrings that are too large.

By making subtle and comprehensive style changes, you can gain a clear advantage. You’ll be challenged less by male colleagues, you’ll develop better client rapport, and you’ll find that judges afford you greater respect. Of course, you’ll still need to know how to shepardize a case, but an extreme makeover can go a long way toward making your career take off in the right direction.

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Extreme Makeover Tips for Female Attorneys


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