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[Entry Thread #75] It’s loving season, however not all of us have lovers. To make up for it, we’re making a millionaire out of the entries, so go away a remark to enter!

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[Entry Thread #75] It’s loving season, but not all of us have lovers. To make up for it, we’re making a millionaire out of the entries, so leave a comment to enter!

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slurpuff moveset

#**It’s Valentine’s season, but that shouldn’t stop us from making a millionaire!**


**In Case You Missed It:**

* This is done every month, we will be doing this again in March of 2022, and every third Friday afterwards at 23:00 UTC (6 PM ET). If you would like to be reminded, set a calendar reminder for March 18 at 6 PM ET, [join the Discord server](, or [click here to be reminded through the RemindMe bot via PM!](*unavailable*)

* [Click here for the thread on /r/millionairemakersmeta with all of the dates for 2022.]( If you would like to plan them out manually, every **[Entry Thread]** is scheduled for the third Friday of each month at 23:00 UTC (6 PM ET).

* Our last winner, /u/AmazingMemer21, is currently accepting donations! /u/AmazingMemer21 is a lurker involved in the crypto space and gaming, and donations are heading towards his family and investments. [If you would like to contribute, donate here!](

* The /r/millionairemakersmeta discussion thread is up! This is for users who have any questions to the moderators, or for those wanting to commentate on the environment here. [If you have any comments or concerns, click here to head over to the post at the subreddit!](



* **REQUIRED:** Leave only **one** (1) top level comment in response to this thread! *(Replying to other comments is permitted but will not qualify. You must be at least thirty days old to comment.)*

* **A random user who commented will be chosen, and everyone donates a dollar to make a millionaire.**

* **January 19 at 6:00 PM ET (epoch timestamp: XXXXXXXXX) is the cutoff for accounts.** If you have created your account after this point, you are not eligible to enter and your submission will be disqualified automatically.

* **February 20 at 11:00 AM EST (epoch timestamp: XXXXXXXXXX) will begin the process of selecting the winner.** At this time, the **[Draw]** post will be online and start the process of waiting for the blockchain, in order to select the winner randomly and verifiably.

* **[If you’d like to be reminded to donate to the winner through PM via the RemindMeBot, click here!](unavailable)** You can also be reminded by commenting in the thread: “`RemindMe! 3 days Donation for /r/millionairemakers`”.

* That’s it! [If you would like to see the extended rules and FAQs, or if you have questions yourself, click here to be redirected to the meta subreddit!]( Additionally, look out for the stickied post at /r/millionairemakersmeta. **You are welcome to spread this thread via upvoting, telling friends and family, and sharing on social media!**



Next Sunday at 11 AM ET (16 UTC), we will be picking our winner, and you won’t want to miss it. The post will be labeled **[Draw]**, and one comment will be selected out of the many made here to make a winner!

Remember, this is about generosity, making an impact, and uniting to make someone’s life better. It takes three minutes to donate a bit to the winner, whether you’re well off and want to donate a couple bucks, or going through tough times and can only donate a few coins. Every cent makes cents, and counts!

If a lone $1 or two can get you a heart-shaped donut, then imagine the possibilities with $1,000,000. You can get a date!

A million dollars can make someone’s new year’s day! Spread the word: have your friends and family comment, post the link to your friendly-neighborhood social media network, and share it to anyone interested.

#**Let’s date a millionaire!**

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