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Dwelling depot drug assessments. I waste their cash.

Home depot drug tests. I waste their money.

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A little background on me: I am a 13 year Air Force Veteran with two combat deployments. I have a bachelors degree for all those “dope smoking loser” posts from the boomers.

Last time I was searching for employment 2020, I applied at home depot never intending to work there (because I had just accepted a different job). My state required that you apply at three places per week to get UI. I applied at HD and they desperately wanted to hire me. After the interview the supervisor told me there was a drug test that included cannabis (legal here). Knowing that I didn’t want the job anyway and how expensive the lab work is and the fact that I smoke the night before, I did it anyway. When the doc called me to let me know that i tested positive, I said “yea i smoked the day before”. He seemed confused and asked why I took the test, I told him that I know how expensive and pain in the ass it is for everyone. He was not happy, I never heard back from HD.

* I’m bad at spelling
* Edit: I never smoke at work/on duty, only after work hours. I already had a job lined up at this point. Edit: apparently anyone who smokes weed is human garbage? Huh, half my state doesn’t agree with you.
* Edit: The UI benefit was ending because of having another job starting. This wasn’t about me trying to cheat the system, that’s not how it works. This is purely about squandering time and resources.
* Edit: Military isnt for everyone. You have the right to think what you want. Wow this blew up! My biggest post yet.

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