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Does anybody else ever panic that they received’t ever have the ability to retire? Or journey? Or actually stay?

Does anyone else ever panic that they won’t ever be able to retire? Or travel? Or truly live?

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My savings never go up, only down, at best it will stay stagnant. Any money I earn disappears straight away to bills. I’m 27 and I have no superannuation, I am legitimately scared that I will never be at a point where I can afford to retire. Travelling is also extremely important to me, but I don’t see how I will ever be able to afford it, I can’t even afford to leave the state. I want a family but I don’t know how I would afford that either, forget ever buying a house. Does this sort of thing keep anyone else up at night? We only have one life to live and I legitimately feel like I will never be able to afford anything that makes life fulfilling. I can barely even afford a proper wardrobe or nutritional food

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