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Discover Your Knowing Design

Discover Your Learning Style

Discover your Learning Style

There are 3 types of learning styles- it is important to figure out what your learning type is so you can learn different ways to learn and study. Every teacher teaches differently so if you can figure out your learning style, you can take the information a teacher provides you with and study using your own learning style.

Types of Learning Styles:

Visual Learners- Learn though Site

This type of learner benefits from sitting at the front of the class because they like to see the teachers facial expression and hand movements. Visual Learners may think in pictures and will learn a lot from diagrams, videos, hand outs and illustrated textbooks. Visual learners also tend to take a lot of notes in class to absorb the information.

Auditory Learners- Learn through Listening

This learning type learns best in lectures and discussions or even listening what others have to say in group discussions. Written information may have little meaning to this type of learner because they need to hear it be said. For studying purposes it is best to read aloud or record lectures and listen to them again and again.

Kinesthetic Learners- Learn through Moving, Doing and Touching

This type of learner may find it hard to sit still in class and has a hard time concentrating. A kinesthetic learner needs to have a hands on approach and actually act out or participate while learning. Using models/figures to study is the most beneficial way of learning for a kinesthetic learner.

You may be a combination of 2 learning styles or maybe you just apply to one. Either way it is important to figure out how you learn so you can begin studying that way and be on your way to getting better grades in school.

Discover Your Learning Style

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