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Change Your Life For The Higher By Scripting And Journaling

Change Your Life For The Better By Scripting And Journaling

Scripting, or journaling, is a very powerful way to go if you want to change whatever is going on in your life, whether you want to experience something totally different, or if you just want to become more clear about what it is that you want in life–

To write things down, to speak about your dreams, if only to yourself at first, and thinking about them propels you forward in a much faster way than when you are just thinking them. Writing makes thoughts permanent, and when we write, speak and think about the desires we have in our heart, we activate both sides of the brain, which makes our mind go into a seek and find mode to ensure us that what we give attention to, grows and expands– we channel the energy that is within us in a much more focused way, and change happens faster.

Right now– and this is really fun:-) it doesn’t matter where you are in your life, you can have a fabulous life and still want more– growth never ends- thank God for that! We are eternal beings and we are truly here to enjoy life, and add to life, so right now–

Write a new script of your life, tell a different story by writing down something that you would love to experience, have or be. Write it as if it already had happened. This is important, because the mind doesn’t know the difference in time, it only knows NOW, and life is always Now, whether we remember something from the past or worry about something the future, we are doing it Now, and Now is when we create our tomorrow. We think in pictures, and this is a wonderful way to create more details and really BE in the pictures we make.

What would you like to begin with? Take something that is on your mind a lot these days– and write a script about it! Here are a few examples on how you can begin your script; and remember: write it as if it has already happened.

“I am so grateful and happy now that I have this new job! And how it all happened is so amazing, I love how the universe made it happen so fast, and so easily. My co-workers are so wonderful and I am so grateful now that…and the working hours are PERFECT for me, I could not have asked for anything better.. “

“Isn’t is fantastic how fast I found my new home? I’m in awe about all the support I have had along the way, and how people from everywhere came to my aid. I love my new home, it’s located in… and my neighbors are so kind and peaceful.. I really love that I now..”

“It’s now August, year 2011, and I am in Italy. I am very pleased with my trip here, and the flight went so well, I had such a great time on the plane where I met this wonderful person…and the hotel..! I am so pleased that it is located right where all the fun is happening.. I am so blessed, and I am having the time of my life…I am so happy and grateful now that..”

Write about a page or more, and add details and don’t worry about writing it perfectly or anything; it’s the feeling of the clear pictures you create that is important. Just channel your dreams through your hand and the pen to paper and when you are done; know that the universe is now bringing forth that which you have given great attention to through your writing. Next; speak it out loud for yourself with strong emotion, and then let it go- feel joyful about the process that has now started to bring those dreams to manifestation!:-)

Speak and write about your life as you want it to be, and don’t let current appearances hold you back in any way– think BIG!

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Change Your Life For The Better By Scripting And Journaling

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