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Can I Win Again My Ex Even If They Present No Curiosity in Me?

Can I Win Back My Ex Even If They Show No Interest in Me?

You’re going to get all kinds of answers to that question. Obviously the people who love you the most are going to tell you that your ex’s lack of interest in you is a clear sign that he or she is over you. Some friends may say that you can definitely get them back if you grab their interest again by having a mini-crisis and making your ex feel guilty. The answer that you’re desperately looking for is that you can indeed get your ex back without playing a bunch of immature games. You actually can. Regardless of how disinterested in you they seem right now, you can recapture their heart.

Before you attempt to contact your ex again there are a few things you need to be mindful of. Just as you’re struggling after the split, your ex may very well be doing the same thing. We all handle emotionally stressful situations a bit differently. For some of us, we need and want constant contact with the person we broke up with. We want to be able to talk to them so we can work through the issues at hand and get the relationship back together.

For other people, they have to retreat into themselves to absorb what’s happened. The last thing they want is to talk. To their former partner that type of behavior can easily be mistaken for a lack of interest. This could very well be what is going on right now with your ex.

Call your ex up and ask how they are. Your tone during this conversation must be upbeat and positive. This is not a call for you to rekindle the lost romance by delving into what went wrong and what you can do to fix things. This call is solely for you to talk to your ex about how they are and to reconnect on a friend level. Nothing more. Any talk about your past relationship is strictly prohibited.

Your ex may or may not be receptive to your reaching out to them. They may say they’re not ready to talk. In that case, respect that. Try again in a few weeks by sending an email or text message again asking how they’re doing.

If your ex seems happy to hear from you build on that but do it slowly. Right now your focus should be on restoring a connection with your ex. This has to be done at a pace that they’re comfortable with. If you push too much you’ll push them away.

Remember that your ex adored you once. There are things about you that they loved very much. Focus on showing them that you’re still that same person regardless of what has transpired between the two of you. Slowly and steadily you two will become closer again if you stay on course and don’t expect too much too soon.

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Can I Win Back My Ex Even If They Show No Interest in Me?

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