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An Electrician – Are You Lower Out to Be One? Take the Quiz!

An Electrician – Are You Cut Out to Be One? Take the Quiz!

Here are 11 Questions to ask yourself before deciding on a career as an Electrician.

If you answer yes to most of these questions, there is a good chance being an Electrician is a good choice for you.

1. Are you fine with face to face conversations?

Many times an Electrician needs to explain everything he or she is doing for the customer.

2. Are you okay with being on your feet a lot?

This is simply part of the job.

3. Are you good at working with your hands?

Electricians do work with their hands a great deal

4. Are you willing to work with potentially dangerous equipment and under potentially dangerous conditions?

This is a huge part of the job; however, with good education and knowledge being afraid can be overcome.

5. Are you good at making decisions on your own?

This is definitely a good quality to have

6. Are you always very accurate?

Accuracy is a good characteristic to have.

7. How important is accuracy to you?

Working with electrical wiring you will need to be accurate.

8. You do not mind talking on the telephone.

When people need your help, especially if you have your own business, there definitely can be times when you will need to address your phone messages.

9. Are you attentive to even the smallest details? Your customers will definitely appreciate this in order to feel safe with your work.

10. Can others count on you? When people hire an Electrician they expect professionalism along with someone they can trust with the safety of their home.

11. Do you get along with others? This is a good characteristic to have with any job just about.

12. Are you easily able to recognize when there is a problem?

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An Electrician – Are You Cut Out to Be One? Take the Quiz!

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