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A New Option to Take a look at Resolutions

A New Way to Look at Resolutions

I used to create resolutions at the beginning of the year, but never really seemed to stick with it for a few reasons. Either it was too bold and not easily attainable, I simply didn’t have within me the true desire from within to accomplish it, or my buried beliefs kept me from following through. I’d start off strong – at the gym regularly, making good food choices, or uber focused on some task/goal I desired to create for myself, but then I’d get pulled off track, find excuses not to go to they gym or just allow myself to ‘fall’ off the track. What I’ve come to learn is it was my buried beliefs and hidden barriers that kept me from fully stepping in to what I desired for myself.

I’ve spent a lot of time understanding myself and discovering the beliefs and designing ways to move through them without ‘falling off the track’.

Rather than setting a resolution (which to me feels like there is something to fix), I choose to set intentions. In fact, I set them every day – how I intend my day to go, how I intend to feel at the end of it, and I even create intentions before I set out to go somewhere or do something. And you know what? More likely than not what I intended is what comes through! Because we have the power to create our worlds – why not do it intentionally?

Maybe intentions are the same as resolutions to some, but for me an intention has a different feel to it. Its putting thought and feeling into a desired outcome – very powerful creative tools for the law of attraction.

My intention this year is step fully into who I am and what I’m meant to do. And my theme is Faith. For me this means I’ve uncovered another layer of beliefs and I’m no longer succumbing to the fear or little voices in my mind that have had me playing small or holding back. I’m here to serve and I have faith those who are ready for the transformation I provide will easily and effortlessly cross my path – for professional and personal relationships.

If your resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking, have less stress, exercise, get a better job, get out of debt, improve relationships, etc. Will you consider creating a theme and intention to live by?

What about a theme of health and intention to respect and love your body exactly the way it is now? Or a theme of love and intention to live with an open heart? Or a theme of joy and intention to live this year in happiness?

Imagine what you could call into your life without boundaries of resolving to fix something.

Will you try it? What is your intention and theme for 2012? Leave it below in the comments section and intend greater energy will be provided to help enhance what it is you’re calling forward for yourself. I believe in YOU!

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A New Way to Look at Resolutions

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