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8 Methods of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content material Writing

8 Strategies of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content Writing

For countless freelancer article writers, the rejection of a piece of well-researched and written article is hard to take, particularly for those new to the profession. Your reaction has great implications on your dream of becoming an established writer or making a living out of writing. The following are the best options available to you:

1. Don’t quit

When a client rejects your article and adds some ‘unfair and cruel’ comments, you can choose to close shop or, like a famous advert says, keep “going and going and going.” You either get swept away by the tide or swim against it. If you develop a weak spine in freelance content writing, you are likely to be feebler in your next profession.

2. Read the rejection comments carefully and asses them

You can also make the choice of reading pertinent comments keenly and objectively. Feelings of rejection can make you ignore the real issues that the editor, magazine or blog owners are raising. The client from a content writing company who declines your article may be pointing out areas where you need to up your game. Weigh the comments to see whether they are fair or mean.

3. Implement constructive criticism

Instead of fretting about article rejection, accept constructive criticism and make necessary amends. If the editor suggested you work on your language and vocabulary, swallow your pride and do exactly that. Majority of the people who reject your work went through the same process to become better at their craft. Rejection can make you a wiser freelance article writer instead of killing your spirit. It is all about your attitude.

4. Read more on the topic

Whether the person who declines your article suggests it to you or not, get time to research your topic once again. Perhaps the information your provided has been presented before and is no longer news to readers. Can you find a different angle to the issue you wrote about? Is there new research in that field that negates the content of your article? Let rejected freelance content writing spur you to get a better grip of your niche. Read more sources and interview more people than before. Your next article or the revised one will be more mature and incisive than the rejected one.

5. Take a writing course

Taking a writing course is another effective reaction to article rejection. Many freelancer writers are not trained in writing. You may have knowledge and passion in your niche, but you lack the linguistic and organization ability to express yourself. Take an online course or study by direct mail. In a couple of months, you will be equipped with technical skills that will give you an edge in article writing.

6. Include rejected article in your portfolio

If online writing companies and clients reject your article, yet you find nothing wrong with it, include it in your portfolio. For example, if you submit an article for a competitive magazine, you may be one of the many who will be rejected simply because only one article is needed. Place the declined article in your portfolio and let people know your writing prowess through it.

7. Submit it to another blog or magazine

Look for another magazine or blog that publishes similar content and pitch your article. Let a second expert got through your writing and you may be surprised that it is accepted. Remember standards and editorial policies differ in freelance content writing. However, in case two or three other people reject your article, go through the respective comments and make changes. All these people cannot be wrong about your writing.

8. Write more articles

Nothing works better for a freelance article writer dealing with article rejection than to continue writing. After overcoming the initial disappointment, hit the ground running and craft even better articles. The only way you can nurture your writing talent is to churn more content. Do not silence the pen or the keyboard. One day, very few, if any will reject articles from a person who knows only one language – writing.

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8 Strategies of Reacting to Rejection in Freelance Content Writing

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