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7 Key Components For Profitable Affirmations

7 Key Elements For Successful Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful tool to effect change in any area of our lives. Affirmations do work, but if you’re new to affirmations you may not know where to start.

Here is a quick guide of seven key elements that you can use to build good affirmations:

1. Style. There are different types of affirmations: “I am healthy”; “My aspiration is to be healthy”; “I intend to be healthy”. Different styles may make more sense than others depending on how close you think you are to achieving what you state: for example, if you feel you’re very far from being wealthy, “My aspiration is to be wealthy” may work better than “I am wealthy”, which is much more bold.

2. Positive. Make sure you state your affirmations in a positive way. If you don’t know how to find the positive way to state what you want, look for the opposite of what you don’t want: for instance, if you don’t want to have a sore back, state “My back is perfectly healthy and supports my body fully”.

3. Present. State your affirmations in the present tense: “I have perfect vision”. If you use “will”, as in “I will enjoy complete peace”, the peace that you look for will remain in the future and out of reach.

4. Meaningful words. Use words that mean something to you and that you charge with emotion: feel the difference between “I am healthy” versus “I enjoy amazing good health”. Choose the words that feel uplifting to you. If you’re bilingual, choose the language in which the affirmation “touches” you more.

5. Belief. Just how much do you have to believe your affirmations for them to become a reality? Simply 51% is sufficient to tip it over to the positive side. It is also easier to believe your affirmations if you choose words that appeal to you and that create a positive feeling in you.

6. Repetition. Repeat your affirmations several times daily. It works well for me to read them in the morning when I get up, before going to sleep, and in spare moments I may have during the day, as when waiting in a queue. You can write your affirmations on a piece of paper so that you can read them anywhere.

7. Letting go. While you’re doing affirmations because you want to create something in your life, the best attitude to have is one of detachment from the actual results: once you’ve read your affirmation let it go, rather than keeping a feeling of “needing” that the affirmation manifests.

Play with different combinations of style, words and repetition to discover what works best for you – it is very important that you tailor-make your affirmations to suit your own preferences.

The “secret” for quick manifestation of what your affirmations state is to repeat them as if what you affirm had already come true. It is much more powerful to say an affirmation and feel that you have achieved what you state than saying it from a feeling of lacking.

Find out more about how to build successful affirmations on the review of Jennifer Shepherd’s e-book Why most affirmations fail – the ultimate guide to affirmations.

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7 Key Elements For Successful Affirmations

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