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2 Superb Regulation of Attraction Suggestions – Immediately Strengthen Your Perception in Your Self

2 Amazing Law of Attraction Tips – Instantly Strengthen Your Belief in Your Self

Let’s face it, if we don’t start off believing in the very machine that can bring us abundance, we are setting ourselves up to fail. We all know what happens when we hear the word lemon – our subconscious mind takes over with an automatic response. Our mouth waters and our stomach gets ready to digest a lemon. The same thing with yawning. If we hear a yawn or even read the word, boom, we automatically yawn.

Here are 2 amazing Law of Attraction tips that have to do with believing in your subconscious or non-conscious mind and monitoring your thoughts. They are powerful and proven to work.

1. Strengthen the Belief in Your Subconscious in Less Than 30 Seconds

Stand up and raise your arms perpendicular to the floor so you make a cross. Now, repeat the phrase “my arms are heavy” over and over until you notice your arms do something. Then lower them and repeat the exercise saying “my arms are light” until you notice something happen. If you did it long enough, and for me it’s less than 15 seconds, your arms got heavy and then they got light. This is you doing self-hypnosis or talking to your subconscious mind. Your non-conscious mind does not judge.

Your subconscious only acts on your command. This shows the importance and power of aligning your beliefs, thoughts and intentions. So now imagine yourself filled with positive thoughts and intentions, but also with new beliefs to replace the old. This can happen more quickly than you think. It happens when expert hypnotists specializing in self improvement, who have been teaching the Law of Attraction longer than “The Secret” has been around, deconstruct, then reconstruct the LOA. It works and you see why it works. After all, who understands the subconscious and what it can do better than a hypnotist.

2. Changing Self-sabotaging thoughts to ones of Abundance

While we all recognize negative thoughts play a part in our resistance to the Law of Attraction, we don’t always see just how insidious they can be. Maybe you have already tried making a list or journaling all your negative thoughts that you have in one day. If you haven’t, try it, it’s eye opening.

However, I have found a quicker and more effective technique for spotting my Achilles heel (or heels) when it comes to executing the LOA principles. I simply write out a sentence that starts: “I am committed to sabotaging my goal (or dream) [list the goal or dream] because I won’t [do blank] and don’t [do blank].” That’s it. Make your list of habitual weaknesses as long as you want. It’s usually just two or three main things that keep popping up to stop you. Awareness is a huge step toward their removal.

For example, maybe you have a habit of not taking action and procrastinating, or not seeking out expert help. This exercise also improves your focus and helps strengthen your decided heart. It actually feels liberating to pinpoint a problematic habit, unless of course you don’t have one.

Once you’ve become aware of these weaknesses, then you can face them and stop them everyday, twice a day actually. In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a Law of Attraction masterpiece, Hill emphasizes creating a definite plan and stating what you will give, among other things. This is where you can counteract your weaknesses. For example, you could write on an index card with Hill’s other instructions, “If I’m not taking bold action and writing great content every day, I’m choosing to sabotage my dreams.” Once you’ve taken this step, throw away your self-sabotaging sentence so you are focusing only on your positive trajectory.


Think about these two tips and how they can boost your power of belief in your subconscious and the Law of Attraction. Keep in mind that hypnotists have been doing LOA under different names for longer than “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne has been in existence. Overcoming obstacles to the Law of Attraction can be done quicker than most people believe.

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2 Amazing Law of Attraction Tips – Instantly Strengthen Your Belief in Your Self

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